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I forgot rule #1 of the kitchen: Never rub your eyes after handling hot peppers! Ouch!!

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Recently someone called me a loner because I didn't want to hang out. It was a Friday and all week I had dealt with  clients, students that think they are smarter than the professor (perhaps they are) and just a litany of complaints and unmet needs from every other area in my life. At the end of the week the thought of more human contact was as appealing as seeing my ex-husband in his underwear with the holes and stains in them that he refused to let me replace because he was waiting for his mother to come visit so that she could bring his favorite brand. Her next visit to the USA was schedule for 2 years from the exact moment when they turned from tighty whities to disbelief briefs.ANYWAY, when I heard the word "loner", I thought am I really a loner or do I just know how to enjoy my alone time? I love the moment I get home and I throw my bra on the floor and laugh in the face of gravity as my tiny boobs do their best impression of a bounce. After I take care of the needs of my be...
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