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The wine served with Easter dinner will be directly from France: Chateau du Jaunay Muscadet Sevre

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How My Fake Eyelashes and Makeup Saved Me From My Abuser
Wearing makeup always made me feel good about myself. I loved going to the MAC store and being pampered for an hour as I tried every new shade offered. Oh the joy of going to Nordstroms to buy my favorite Chanel mascara. As my friends and I shared beauty tips, I felt a sisterhood with them. A secret world where we used our lipstick tubes and our fake eyelashes as weapons to fight off the evil armies trying to invade our world with self loathing and to ward off all evil spirits. Yes, a powerful world!But more and more I used my makeup as an escape; a place to hide. When my makeup was on just right, it told the world I was "ok".But just as hard as it was for me to sometimes find the right makeup to accentuate my cheekbones or highlight my eyes, it was becoming increasingly harder to find the right makeup to cover the bruises from his fist. The bruising became so bad, regular makeup was not enough. I began using Dermablend which is a thick formula to cover tattoos or serious skin conditio...
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