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Day of Sharing Our DISH: Photo Session in Los Angeles
When people think of abuse, they often instantly picture the physical side that leaves women battered on the outside. They don't see the internal turmoil. Not all abusive relationships are violent. Although often minimized and overlooked, emotional and psychological abuse is just as destructive. As a community of people dedicated to inspiring women to heal by sharing our stories, we invite you to participate in a professional photo session with other women who chose strength instead of surrender.Our intent is to recognize the universal experience of pain caused by abuse through intensely honest and deep emotion captured in photography.If you have been in an abusive relationship and have a story of pain, learning & healing to share, are a woman between the ages of 18 & 108, and available in Los Angeles on Sunday October 26th, DISHING WITH THE DIVA invites you to participate in our professional photo shoot.D - define your DILEMMAI - identify your INSPIRATIONS - share your STORYH ...
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