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The Girl with The Red Lipstick
They told me she died.Considering we hadn't spoken since junior year of high school, did I have the right to cry for 3 days straight? Did I have the right to ask God to tell her I love her and that I never forgot her? Do I have the right to not be able to get through writing this without crying uncontrollably?We met in 8th grade and I had no idea we would form such a bond. My earliest memory of her is of her face filled with joy when she passed the 8th grade Constitution test with a 98% and walked home with the test in her hand to show everyone. I knew then that she wanted more.We were the only two in our 8th grade class that went to the same high school. I think that forced us to become fast friends. We were inseparable and becoming best friends was effortless. My freshman year boyfriend convinced us we could read each others minds. We believed it.She was beautiful.Not just because of her fair skin, long black silky hair, sexy body and crooked smile that showed vulnerability. It was b...
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