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Who's Rubbing You The Wrong Way? Brown Butter and Sage Pasta
When I was younger it would drive me crazy when people accused me of things that were not true. It started with my mom. She would accuse me of breaking something and I had no idea of what she was talking about. But she was overbearing and intent on having her way and did not want to hear anything I had to say. I would have to admit to something I did not do and take the punishment for it. Often, the punishment was too severe. Then in elementary school, I was accused of getting good grades and excelling on standardized tests or in general because my mother was a school mom and volunteered in the classroom a lot. But my mother did not grade the assignments and she definitely was not grading standardized tests given out by the state. No matter what I said, no one believed that I was excelling by my own efforts. I eventually just had to concede and allow them to believe what they wanted so that I could have friends. I was miserable...by choice.   Later, when I was in graduate school...
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