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"Connect With Your Playful Nature Retreat" is today on Catalina Island!

We are on the streets of Los Angeles today talking to women about cooking and their favorite meals.

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"Connect With Your Playful Nature" Retreat
How many of us feel guilty taking time out for ourselves? Did you ever plan a day of play only to find it impossible to enjoy because all you could think about was the laundry, the never-ending dishes, a project at work, the kids' sports schedules, the things you feel you "should" be doing? Or have you simply noticed yourself feeling blocked and less creative, less optimistic, or far removed from the energizing childlike feelings of joy and excitement?Dishing With The Diva is hosting our very first retreat, "Connect With Your Playful Nature", with a group of ladies who have generously volunteered to take the day off from worries and responsibilities to allow us to help them find their hearts and refresh their spirits by breaking away from the routine and monotonous, and rediscovering where their souls, hearts and minds are lighter and happier. We will allow the waves to carry us across the ocean to Catalina Island for the day to meditate, connect with nature, relax, and find the joy in...
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