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I Don't Need To See Your Penis To Know That I Don't Want To Date You
In this day and age are women not allowed to NOT choose you? To NOT date you? To just NOT be interested in you?I'm speaking to you Sir. Thank you for accidentally showing me your chiseled abs, admittedly, your abs are very nice. Also, it was kind of you to randomly mention your dentist in an unrelated conversation. Sorry, I did not ask about your nicely capped teeth. However, I'm just not feeling you.Thirty hours in the car alone with you while you practiced every pick up line you knew on me, including "how does a woman as fine as you not have a man?" was torture. I was trapped because I hired you upon the recommendation of my good friend and your cousin, to assist me with a business trip. We were en route, could not turn back because I had to complete this order and I was out in the middle of nowhere with someone I basically did not know. I was very kind, because I just am and I knew that anyone trying that hard to get attention would have a fragile ego and I did not want feelings to ...
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