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What I Learned About Other People…When My Mother Died
If you have lost a parent, then you also know that you also lost a piece of yourself. You know that, although with time, you will eventually hurt less and the gut wrenching loneliness and heartache will pass. You will always mourn them, but one day you will be able to mention your parents without sadness and laugh at their antics. One day, you will be able look in the mirror and be happy to see their face reflecting back at you.It has been 14 years since I lost my mother and I still often reflect on how I felt during that time and how others reacted to seeing me so hurt and lost. How ashamed people made me feel for being weak, sad and an utter mess. These were my friends, my best friends in some cases. Yes, I know that people want to say the right things but often do not know how, but I think that when you are a real friend, you try to love your friend when they are hurting. It does not take an Oprah special to tell you that.Unfortunately, I don't have a secret recipe to share to help ...
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