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Going to buy myself fresh flowers as a reward for cleaning the kitchen.

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Because She Combed My Hair For My Mother's Funeral
"Sit over here and let me press your hair". She put a chair in front of the stove like my mother used to do. Just like when I was kid, I reluctantly followed orders and thought all about the past times the back of my neck or tip of my ears were burned during this beauty ritual. Carrying all the sadness in the world, I dragged my feet while walking towards her and sat down in the chair. I had no energy to say no and her tone told me that refusing would be useless. She turned on the fire for one of the burners on top of the stove and put the curling iron in the flames.My hair was the manufacturer of a new brand of kinky. Days of crying and wondering what to do next, where to go and what lies ahead, combing my hair had been the last thing on my mind.I don't know if it was because I was numb or she really was as gentle as I'm remembering, but as she stroked my hair with the comb in preparation for the hot iron, I just melted. I remember her lovingly taking care of my locks to prepare me to...
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